affiliate marketing

How to start affiliate marketing for Newbies

Affiliate marketing has grown over the past few years as people have realised a potential for making an immense amount of money easily.


When I first started, I created an NBA website which only focused on daily NBA news as it happened. I quickly realised after months and months of content that the amount of work involved was way too much for one man to produce by himself. That’s when I found affiliate marketing…


I wrote a detailed review on a jump program that I previously used from Clickbank and posted it with little hope that it would turn into anything… After a week of not caring, I decided to check out my Clickbank account and to my sudden realisation there were two commissions for a total of $74!


I know the amount may seem small to many people out there, but it was my first sale! And after only making a small amount from adsense for months, it was a breath of fresh air!


So what is Affiliate Marketing?

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How to build an online asset in a weekend! Option 2!

How to build an online asset in a weekend! Option 2!

So you have decided to go down the path of building a full website instead of just a landing page…


This option takes more time and effort in order to keep it fresh and up to date, but in the long run if your niche takes off… Then you have your asset built and you don’t have to go through the struggle of telling people your website is coming soon!

So let’s get stuck in to what you have to do next!

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How to build your first online asset in a weekend!

I’m going to go through the process of how to setup your first online asset in a detailed step by step process below, which you in turn could do one of two things…


  1. You can create a website and start marketing it for money. I.e. Affiliate marketing, Adsense ads or build a following.
  2. Create a landing page to build your email list & test how popular your niche is

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